RC1 released! 

We are pleased to announce the first release candidate of the jQuery Geo plugin! A lot has happened in the past year and a half, including silent releases of beta 3 (Oct 2015) and beta 3.2 (Jan 2016). These releases have concentrated mostly on performance and predictability. Let’s dive into what’s changed! jQuery Geo on npm You […]

Beta 2 released! 

After almost 150 commits to our first beta and many months of testing & usage, we are happy to announce jQuery Geo 1.0.0 beta 2! This beta was actually built last September but the release has been delayed due to the lead developer’s wedding (Ryan Westphal => Ryan Morrison~Westphal!) that very month 🙂 Jumpy shapes […]

Beta 1.5 released! 

This release includes more support for integrating with other elements on the page. There were also improvements with shapes & labels while interacting with the map. Full changelog examples – drawing markers geomap – ie8 – [bug] graphics do not resize with window examples – kml points docs – geomap – default action for shift […]

Beta 1.1 released! 

This was a silent release, the JavaScript files on code.jquerygeo.com were replace with a few important bug fixes. geomap – [bug] shingled deferred services lose img elements when changing scales slowly geomap – [bug] shapes don’t render on smaller windows when zoomed in geomap – [bug] changing the zoom & center options at the same […]

Beta 1 released! 

Over 120 commits and five months after the release of alpha 4, jQuery Geo is now feature complete with what we planned for version 1.0! New interaction engine User interaction is a big part of an interactive map widget, obviously!, and in beta 1 we have optimized panning, zooming, and how they work together. Your […]

Alpha 4 released! 

It’s been a long three months but we’re very happy to announce the release of jQuery Geo 1.0a4! Here are some highlights and details: At the service level In alpha 3, you could append and interact with shapes on the map. In alpha 4, this is extended to services! Service-level shapes have their own shapeStyle […]

Alpha 3 released! 

jQuery Geo 1.0 Alpha 3 is mostly about sketching! new modes: drawPoint, drawLineString, and drawPolygon allow users to draw on your map new event: shape triggers anytime a user draws a feature new style option: drawStyle lets you change how the shapes look while being drawn It’s also about geometry functions! $.geo’s center, height/width, expandBy, […]