Alpha 3 released!

jQuery Geo 1.0 Alpha 3 is mostly about sketching!

  • new modes: drawPoint, drawLineString, and drawPolygon allow users to draw on your map
  • new event: shape triggers anytime a user draws a feature
  • new style option: drawStyle lets you change how the shapes look while being drawn

It’s also about geometry functions!

  • $.geo’s center, height/width, expandBy, scaleBy & reaspect functions operate on bounding boxes
  • $.geo’s bbox, distance, contains & centroid functions operate on geometries

Many examples have more class and now link to jsFiddles to further explain what’s going on!

And a tiny bit about size

jQuery Geo is now hosted on a CDN with gzip enabled bringing the entire library to your neighborhood at under 18k.


There are some minor breaking changes to make the API more consistent.

The getPixelSize function is now a read-only option named pixelSize:

$( "#map" ).geomap( "option", "pixelSize" );

The shapeStyle function is also now an option, e.g.:

$( "#map" ).geomap( "option", "shapeStyle", { color: "red" } );

The boolean visible property on service objects is now the visibility property found in CSS and geomap styles and can be “visible” or “hidden”:

$( "#map" ).geomap( { services: [ { id: "roads", visibility: "hidden", ... } ] } );

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